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You Have Stepped into the Future

It's a trick. I did not steal your photo.

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HEY! Who turned out the lights?

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Some people just refuse to follow directions.


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*scrapes the future off her shoe*

Jeez. I hope the future doesn't stink!


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what'd ya step on it for, silly?


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I'll go back, but would you mind if I borrow a newspaper first?

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I'll return it a year ago --promise ; )

Re: I'll go back, but would you mind if I borrow a newspaper first?

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You know I would if I could, book. I'm just not allowed. In fact I've done more than I should just talking to you.

turn back !

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I'm already in the future, and I'm trying to figure out how to get back to the past, damn it!


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I'm sorry, I can't help. Mabye if you closed your eyes and tapped your heels together three times?

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hey! i was using that!

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I'm sorry... I thought I'd stepped into a cheese shop...

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it is - just don't let any of these other yahoos know


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I guess they fixed that bug... Used to be this post would have been the first one on my friends listu until 2013.


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That would be annoying. My intention is simply to have it first on my journal until 2013, at which time I will redate it. Or change my mind.

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© © © © © Happy Val Day, Love!! © © © © ©

Thank You :)

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I've falled into some sadistic behavior modification program. Everytime I visit, I get vertigo...panic attack from crossing the Future Bridge. Eleven more years of this...I can't take it...I can't take it I tell You!!!! AARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

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Hit the bricks, sister. I don't wanna hear no excuses - GET OUTA THE FUTURE! NOW!

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lol... in the future i'll have 4 teeth left...

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...soaking in a glass?

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Hey there Little PuppywhatTalks!

i was jus comin' by to tell ya a great big Howdy-Do cause i ain't had much time to do that much an i likes that you is a LJ Frend and i hopes you is havin' a real fine day too


Re: *woof*

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How-Do D.T.!



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a happy happy birthday to you!!!


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thanks cookie :)

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Happy Birthday :)

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Happy Birthday!!!


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thanks jester :)
(deleted comment)

Re: Hmmm.

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make checks payable to papoose

btw - my time machine has rolled back a couple of days

Happy Birthday!

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Can I have a ticket to the Roman Empire or even Atlantis?


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One-Way? Only Christians get one way tickets.

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Happy Birthday.
May you live to reap the returns of your investments...

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Thanks. haha - my birthday was April first.

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You're still here - future in my present.
You are diabolical.
You have produced...*drum roll*...The Prank That Lives!!!!!

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This way I'm always updated.

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Yer bein' mighty quiet in this here journal, pretty lady.

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Yeah. I think about writing things but never do. Must be journal block. I think the LJ thing is just a bit stale for me right now.

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*rubs eyes*

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Did you have a nice nap?

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But, wait, I like it here!! I'm finally retired, and you tell me I gotta go back to my 40-hour-work-week job?? NOooooooooooooo! Plus, The Kid is 18 years old and graduating high school. No more split child custody agreement with her dad! I finally made it, and you're telling me to backtrack. I think not, thankyouverymuch!


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That's a very good point.

Feel free to drop by any time you wish to beat the yoke ;)

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Uh oh! Spot has had control of the remote again! *sigh* Where's the damn manual????

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She's such a brat!
And anyway, she can't read. I'd have to read it for her.


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well, just in case i decide to on haitus again then, i mean now, i thought I'd drop you a hello :)

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Hey you! Good to see you :-)
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When we get to 2033 we will have to go forward!

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Hi Papoose! This is not meant to be offensive in any way, but I call my little schnzauzer "papoose"! Donno if that warrants an add-back but I'd like to add you please.

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No offense taken :)

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