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This is Livejournal papoose.
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Hi and Welcome!!
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You shame me into trying to figure it out - something our mutual friend R has been trying to get me to do for over a year! Welcome!!
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Ok, here is a link to the LJ user's DW guide.

Lots of the terms are different (and sometimes intimidatingly so) but in reality the site is very similar...

One of the big differences is in -how- it handles your "Circle". Your circle is the people you subscribe to read. AH, but you can just -read- them OR you can read AND allow them access to your "friends only" posts. So two layers of commitment to someone. So when you are out browsing around you can do a little trial to see if you get along or whether it really isn't a good fit.

Also that handy little button on your header while you read? The one that says "Network" -- that button is a reading list of all the friends of your friends who have posted open posts in the recent past.
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Thanks again for the tips. You are a very patient human. Hmm, just noticed that to be a patient person is the same as being a patient. Seems an odd combo of meanings.
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HI Livejournal Papoose!